Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The [Fat] One Lumbers off Stage-Chris Christie

"Governor Awesome's" silly soap opera--pressed by Murdoch & Ailes and Kristol-- finally ends. It was the smart call. Now, unless cholesterol or Corey Booker's smile kills him first, he can wait out the 2012 GOP Ringling Bros Show and plan for 2016. Even Bill Maher knew this was a fluke--once the new rabid GOP "base" got a gander at what he's really about,it would have gone cold. Not exactly a Tea Party rescue for Bachmann and Perry now, eh? And he and Romney--two Northeasterners--as front runners? Egads! For shame! The Kochs and Dick Armey would dip into their Iran transaction-funded coffers to stop that.

No, Fred Flintstone made the right move. Let the clown show run it's course, build a rep in the ruins and become president in 2016. After all, in the process of winning in 2012, Barack Obama will likely murder any Dem heir-apparent in his/her cradle (he's a Democrat, after all). Thus making The [Fat] One's elevation hernia-free...

...unless a "Mat Santos" comes along. ;)

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